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Welcome to the McCarroll/McArdle/McCardle Family Genealogy

Webmaster/author Rick McCarroll¬† a third generation American Of Irish descendents and the Great Grandson of Philip and Mary O’Brien McCarroll.

The McCardle/McCarroll family came to America in June of 1866 aboard the Ship Orient out of Liverpool England. We believe the family originally left Ireland because of the Great Potato Famine and settled in County Durham England.  Family members Thomas and Mary McCardle along with their four (4) sons made their way to America through New York City and the famous Castle Garden Immigrant Facility.

Thomas’ parents were Philip and Bridget Cunningham McArdle from coastal County Louth Ireland.

Philip and Bridget had three boys:

Thomas | Philip | James

Our lineage is through Thomas and his wife Mary O’Brien and their son Philip whom is my great grandfather.

Thomas and Mary O’Brien had four boys: Thomas / Philip / James Joseph / Patrick

Thomas and Mary settled in Pittsburgh PA in 1866. In or about 1885 the boys now in their 20’s got married with Thomas and Philip moving to Alton, Illinois to work in the glass trade and to start their own families.¬† James Joseph relocated to Steubenville Ohio after marrying Rose Lamb with Patrick remaining in Pittsburgh and marrying Mary Quinn.

Between the four brothers they had 32 children with the last one child passing away in the 1990’s.

Name Change:

The name change from McArdle to McCarroll came from my Great Great Grandfather Thomas in the year of 1915 during his USA naturalization process.

We have a large number of living cousin’s from my lineage as well as other lineage’s that have provided me a lot of information. Please us our contact page with any questions or family information.


The information and pictures disclosed on many of these pages come from private and public records.

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